DevHack24 Sports Hackathon: Unleash Innovation


All applications related to sports, both directly and indirectly:
creativity is strongly encouraged; sky is the limit. 
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Starts On May 27, 2024
Theme Sport
Ends On July 2, 2024
Project submission phaseOnline

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On Qodly all Backgrounds are Welcome


At DevHack24, we welcome participants from all backgrounds, whether you're a seasoned coder or just starting out. Our inclusive platform encourages everyone to join in the innovation. With the help of Qodly, you'll have the tools to bring your ideas to life, regardless of your coding expertise. Join us and be part of the excitement as we reimagine sports technology together.


Jury members Worldwide



Passionate about tech and innovation? Join our jury team to shape the future of tech! Evaluate projects, support talent, and witness groundbreaking solutions. Your unique perspective is valued, whether you're an expert, academic, or enthusiast. Express interest now!

Jury Criteria

Technical skills and knowledge: The judges should have a strong background in app development, including programming languages, frameworks, tools, platforms, and best practices. They should be able to understand the technical aspects of the projects, such as the code quality, functionality, performance, security, and scalability.

Domain expertise: The judges should have relevant experience and knowledge in the sport domain. They should be able to evaluate the projects based on the user needs, market opportunities, and social benefits that they address.

Creativity and innovation: The judges should have a creative and innovative mindset, and be able to appreciate the originality and novelty of the applications. They should be able to recognize the potential and value of the ideas, as well as the challenges and risks involved.

Communication and feedback skills: The judges should have good communication and feedback skills, and be able to articulate their opinions and suggestions clearly and constructively. They should be able to interact with the participants in a respectful and professional manner, and provide them with useful and actionable feedback.

Diversity and inclusion: The judges should reflect the diversity and inclusion of the hackathon community, and represent different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. They should be able to promote a positive and inclusive culture, and respect the diversity of the participants and their applications. Ideally, with is a good number of followers on social media

Who should participate

All persons or groups of persons aged 18 and over, companies, with the exception of applicants from Russia and Belarus.

Why you should participate

Elevate the Hybrid Low code application to a new level of creativity & innovation. Take part in bringing Qodly into the future!


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