QODLY Beta Service Level Agreement

The purpose of this Service Level Agreement is to clarify the services made available to you in the QODLY beta version. It is an integral part of the 4D QODLY PLATFORM LICENCE agreement (the QODLY License). The terms with capital letters used in this QODLY Beta SLA are those defined in the QODLY License. 

Beta Version

To finalize our commercial offer and adjust our 4D Backoffice services we released QODLY beta version, for you to try QODLY for free and have feedback from our engineering developers’ team. This beta version does not infer the QODLY Platform is not in a stable version. QODLY Studio, Server and Cloud platform are ready to start building business applications. 

As user of the QODLY Platform, you may be referred to indifferently as “beta Developer”, “Developer”, “QODLY Developer” or as “Client”, acting always for the purpose of your professional activities.


When you request access to QODLY beta Platform, you will be able to create a sandbox. This sandbox will be here if you have a Developer account in QODLY. You can start with an App Sample provided by 4D engineering teams or other Samples, and you can reset it as many times as you like. It is also to try new QODLY Features. 

When the commercial offer is released, you will be able to clone the QODLY App that you started in the sandbox, improve and deploy it in Staging and Production Environments.


In sandbox, QODLY Developers can invite other developers to join the sandbox and co-develop the application.

Sandbox Service Level Agreement

The aim of the sandbox is for trying purposes only and not going live. Please note there are no backup and restoration services or other production services. When the commercial offer is open, you will be able to subscribe and have a very high-quality of services for your business applications, and the relevant Service Level Agreement will be published and made available to you.

Support Ticketing System

From their Cloud console, beta Developers can open an incident ticket. Our support and engineering teams are ready to deal with the incident, analyze it, provide some guidance to Developers but also debug and provide patches very quickly. Responses are provided as quickly as possible, during our team’s working hours. The whole QODLY Stacks is developed and maintained by 4D engineering teams. This helps us to respond as effectively as possible to your requests. However, please bear in mind that we do not provide response time commitment nor any warranty of any kind as to incidents remedials or as to the lack of fault or error related to our team's intervention.

Qodler Success Team

As soon as you start using QODLY, a dedicated person from our Qodler success team will be here to assist and provide any help with QODLY. Several services are provided for free: notably chat, one-to-one meetings, best practices in development with QODLY. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, that these services will operate as intended.

AWS and QODLY Platform Location

QODLY is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS). In beta version, QODLY is hosted in Paris data center. The commercial version will be deployed in other regions to provide worldwide high-quality services. You will always be able to choose where you wish your data would be hosted as specified in the QODLY License terms. Please, also read our Privacy Policy  to understand how we collect and process your personal data.